Rehabilitation sciences is an interdisciplinary field of study which focuses on human function and disability. Basic and applied research focuses on aspects of health sciences, social sciences and engineering with an aim to restore functional capacity in a person, improving their interactions with their surrounding environment whilst understanding the nature of their enabling-disabling process. Rehabilitation science encompasses knowledge that is objective and sufficient in order to support a scientific base for medical treatment to, more specifically:
Enhance communication physical and psychosocial functioning, participation in life situations and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.Informing relevant social and health care policy With global advancement in medical science the life expectancy is increasing. At the same time the rising old age population is facing disabling conditions due to chronic health issues. In developing countries like Pakistan we are faced with even more multiple faceted micro and macro challenges as prevalence of disability is increasing.This is due to poor preventive measures against diseases e.g. polio, increasing ratio of neurovascular accidents because of static and unhealthy life styles and late detection of hidden disabilities like hearing impairment, Autism and other learning disabilities. These challenges have given rise to the need for rehabilitation services for the effected population. Due to this, there is a bigger demand for rehabilitation institutes and personnel and the need for new and culture specific therapies that are tailor made to help people adjust and adapt to changes in their health so that they lead lives as equal and inclusive members of the society.